Thursday, 16 February 2006

Accident Black Spot

Can you still say black spot, I'm not sure. Never mind, "Lots of Accidents Here Spot" doesn't have quiet the same ring to it. Prehaps you can't say spot in case you upset some spotty teenager. Can't really say accidents either, most crashes are the result of someone doing something really stupid. Like the other day at the junction with Woodend Road and Newton Road. We stand down near the junction when we are changing drivers on the buses and over the years I have seen the results of lots of people doing something really stupid at this junction.

The Newton Road is a 4 lane road, the main road (also the only road) out of Torquay to Exeter. Woodend Rd comes out from an industrial estate (small) and what always happens is some idiot is waiting to turn right out of Woodend Road on to the main road. A large vehicle comes down from their right to turn into Woodend Road blocking the left lane and the view of on coming traffic in the right lane. The traffic in the right lane has been stuck behind the HGV and can now get past so right foot goes to the floor just as idiot comes out of Woodend Rd without a care in the world, that is until the car in right lane smashes its front bumper into emerging drivers side door. Result bent cars.

Time the Council put up the ' Lots of Accidents Spot Ahead' signs.

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Numpty said...

I've seen many accidents myself at that spot and been involved in one myself.. Woodend road is indeed a bugger to get out of when driving wagons, a fellow bus let me pull out and a bus was coming opposite direction and he flashed me out too, but the impatience of a car driver meant he struck the front of my lorry causing minimal damage to me, but meant he needed a new radiator..