Thursday, 23 February 2006

Crash on the Newton Road.

Let me start we an apology. If you were waiting for a 12/12A or X46 to day between midday and about 6:00pm and you had a long wait I am very sorry. It wasn't our fault but I am sorry if you were inconvenienced, Especially as it was such a cold and miserable day.

What happened was some one was driving down Coffinswell Lane towards the Newton Road just North of Kingskerswell with the intention of either turning left and going to Torquay or turning right and going to Newton. As they reached the junction with the Newton Road they suffered a heart attack and carried straight on over the main road and ended up in the hedge on the other side of the road. I went past only a few minutes after this had happened and the police and ambulance had arrived. The accident turned out to be fatal the police had to close the road while photos and measurements where taken. I went through and continued to Paignton on time but all the buses behind me were held up for well over an hour. Even after the road was opened it took several hours for the backlog of traffic to clear. Buses were running over an hour late and drivers were running out of driving hours and in the wroung place for their breaks. One of the problems with the Newton Road is that there is no other way into Torquay from the North so if the road is closed chaos ensures. An other problem we had to day was the fact the the Rail line between Newton and Torquay and Paignton is being repaired and rail passengers are having to travel by bus between these points. Double chaos on such a miserable day for all concerned.

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justajob said...

The driver of the car, an elderly person is at present in Torbay Hospital in a not good condition. Not a fatal accident as was first reported.