Wednesday, 1 February 2006

Hit and Walk

Normally in motoring terms it is Hit and Run. Usually what happens is there is an RTC (formally an RTA) and the person at fault drives away without exchanging details. This is an offence for which the penalties can be heavy. It also leaves the other party with the chore of going to a police station as soon as possible or within 24 hours and reporting the matter.

Well, I came into contact with a pedestrian the other day. Fortunately I was traveling quiet slowly and the pedestrian only came into contact with the leading edge of the bus and was not thrown forward with the danger of being run over. Indeed as far as I could tell he wasn't even knocked to the ground.

After the contact was made I stopped the bus and ran back to speak to him but he insisted that he was alright and would not wait while I called an ambulance. Nor would he provide me with name or address. He just walked away.

So on the way home I spent 35 mins in the local police station reporting the RTC. So far no one has limped in the the office complaining the the had been hit by a bus so I am hopeful that he is alright. Not an every day occurrence, thankfully.


SaneScientist said...

I've seen 2 people bounce off the front of a bus and know 2 others who have suffered a familiar fate - all at the same junction. All were quite serious and my friends and I had to give first aid, and (in one case) block the entrance to the bus to protect the driver from the victim's mates. Ironically, in this one instance it wasn't actually the driver's fault (in all the others, witnesses have attested that the driver went through the red light - pretty much de riguer at this junction, but people from out of town don't realise this of course).

Last week the junction was finally pedestrianised.

Jamie said...

I uised to drive a HGV all day and have also had a woman step out in front of me, I hit a wall to avoid her. People just don't look before dashing out now days