Thursday, 2 February 2006

More coming into contact.....

In the centre of Torquay around the Strand area, Tex Ritter and Roy Rogers are laying anti skid surface to the roads. In one place to day they had cones out and it was not possible to get past their cones. So I stopped and asked them to move a couple of cones while I drove past. One, the short fat cowboy with the 6 foot long red hot blow touch suggested where I should stick my bus. I replied that driving on the pavement was not an option and would he move the cones please. He just walked away and continued heating up the road surface with his very hot thermic lance. So I waited for a little while and tried to contact control and ask them to send the sheriff of Torbay down to get them to unblock the road. I tried several times but no reply, I even tried Exeter and Exmouth control and Houston Mission Control (just incase they had a spare minute and could help with my problem). Still no answer. So in the end I did what a man has to do and drove into the cones gently moving them out of the way.

The next bus driver reported that they had moved the cones for him. Maybe he was bigger than me. Or maybe they just got fed up of picking the cones up. I'm fairly sure that it wasn't because the sheriff had arrived. Any way when they went home they left their cones out just to be nasty sods.

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David said...


As a community nurse I've had the sort of situation where The gap is so narrow, I can't even get a Mini Metro through!!!!!!