Wednesday, 15 March 2006

Learn and Earn

When I learn to drive a bus it was in a battered wreak that was almost as old as me.

New bus drivers these days don't know they're born.

Mind you, if you left click on the photo (it will get much bigger) you will notice the odd batter here and there. I wonder who thought up the slogan, real catchy, shame about the colour.


Anonymous said...

The way you drive I didn't think you had ever learnt to drive.

Anonymous said...

I hardly think you can call an Optare Delta modern. Similarly aged Lynxes would surely be more appropriate?

Tube Dude said...

I passed my PSV in a battered old Atlantian (i think that who it was spelt) All I remember is a huge steering wheel, and a left handed dodgey gear change on the left.

I then drove SNB and LNB's for more thann 8 years, before changing to Leyland Lynxe's.

I did manage to get to spend a year driving RM's and RMl's in London - that was fun.

I have also driven Leyland Olypians, Titans and Volvo double deckers.

I have many fond memories of bus driving, but am glad I'm out of it now.

I do how ever have a lot of respect to you busmen.

Owen said...

The slogan is indeed catchy. However after a time, the vinyls will start to fall off, leaving less catchy slogans behind. Stagecoach in London presently has buses exhorting potential recruits to "Earn and Earn", which is presumably intended to be ironic, and to "Learn and Ear".