Monday, 20 March 2006

Paignton, Saturday Lunch Time

If you were in Paignton Town centre on Saturday at around 2:00 pm this is what you would have been looking at for quiet a long time. Avent engineering had put up temp traffic lights, dug a hole in the road and gone home. After a while the lights all changed to red and nothing moved for half an hour.

Let me make one thing very clear at this point. If you drive up to a set of traffic lights that are stuck on red, once it becomes clear to you that the lights have failed, YOU MUST DRIVE THROUGH THE LIGHTS. Other wise we will all die of old age in the middle of Paignton. This is the law, providing you drive through with caution you are not breaking the law.

Anyway after not moving for a couple of mins I along with other drivers got on the radio to Yellow control who rang the council with the information re the lights. Instantaneously they reacted and an hour later the lights were working again. Well OK, an hour isn't instant but when you consider that it took two hours to shut the sea front on Friday when there were 40 foot waves crashing down on the road it isn't too bad.

When Advent present their bill to the council for the road works, the council should deduct £5 000 and tell Advent that next time their lights fail it will be £10 000. Not just Advent but all contractors. Especiallyly the ones who recently went away for the weekend and the only thing they left in the road were the temp lights and the generator for the lights. Come Torbay, road works management has got to be looked at. We are short enough of roads as it is without having those we have got blocked by uncaring contractors.

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Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you, fed up with holes being dug in roads, the `workers' digging for an hour then disappearing and the hole still there 2 weeks later. The council should charge by the hour for every hole and maybe then they'll do the works a bit quicker.