Sunday, 16 April 2006

Australian Hotel

When I first went to Oz in 1993 I walked over the Bridge on my second day here. As I came down from the walk way a pub caught my eye. It was the Australian Hotel, seemed a good name for a pub in Australia so I went and had a look. Bit of a dump, paint falling of the walls, windows unwashed and cracked, door needed a bit of a hard shove to get it open. Now back in those days the only Ozzies I had met were in London where they seemed to spend a lot of time in the pub. So I entered this pub expecting thousands of friendly cobbers holding the bar down and greating every entering pom with bold cries of, "Good Day mate. " and similar well know australisums. No such luck. When I entered I doubled the number of people in the place. There was on guy on a bar stool who went round the bar and served me a schooner of VB. When I had paid him he looked at his watch and said," We don't usually get this busy at lunch time." Not quite what I expected.

He got talkative after a while and told me that the bar never got busy and he was expecting the place to close down any day and be turned in to a car park.

Now time change and all those tables are full of people eating $20 meals and inside there was only one bar stool empty for me to sit on while I drank a pint of VB to celebrate crossing the bridge, at $7.00 a pint. How times have changed since the Olympics came to Sydney.


craig said...

you stuck in sydney? Not coming to the better parts of australia such as here in victoria, enjoy reading your blog though

justajob said...

Hi Craig I did get To Victoria, 3 hours in the airport at Melbourne waiting for a flight to Tassie to visit family. Next trip to Oz I will try and spend a few days in Victoria.