Thursday, 25 May 2006

New Duties

Some body up there hates me. By up there I don't mean up in Heaven where god lives, I mean Head Office, Exeter where GOD lives. One of his underlings has the job of, twice a year, creating new duties. Being a holiday town we have summer timetables which run from the end of May to the middle of September and winter timetables which run the rest of the time. This underling has to work out the timetables and then fit those in with all the 700 drivers duties. His job can best be discribed as getting as many buses on the road using as few drivers as possible. Most of these duties fit in fairly easily, the problem comes when he gets near the end when the bulk of the work is done. There are the odds and sods to be slotted in. Well this time he has looked at my rota, 12 Middles and dumped the crap he can't fit in any where else. A middle rota should contain duties that start after 9 am and finish before 8 pm. Our middle rota runs for 4 weeks which means 20 duties. Of those 20 duties 5 start before 9 am and nine finish after 8 pm. That means only 6 duties out of 20 are middles. that's 30%.

If you went to McDonalds and asked for a beefburger you would expect it to contain more than 30% beef wouldn't you; well maybe not.

I am thinking of sueing the company under the Trade Descriptions Act.

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