Tuesday, 9 May 2006

New Improved junction at Belgrave Road.

They, the council that is, are changing the junction at the Sea front and Belgrave Road. This was only months after they spent a few weeks resurfacing the whole area. At present they have only got as far as erecting temporary traffic lights. I am not sure what they are going to do but it is a class one important junction for the 12/12A, X46, 200, and 30 routes and any long tail backs from this junction to the Harbour will also effect the 31,32 and 34 routes around Torquay. This evening for some reason the lights were moved back towards the Harbour and a long tail back developed instantaneously. I hope the council spend a lot of time looking at the traffic management arrangements put in force by the contractor or we are in for a slow moving 3 weeks.

What am I saying, when did our council ever care about traffic management. We are in for a slow moving 3 weeks.

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