Tuesday, 30 May 2006

New Rest Room.

We have a new rest room. The company have spent some money here to make us all comfortable in bright, clean and new suroundings . The main idea behind it is it will hopefully save them some money as they will need fewer buses shuttling drivers down from the depot into the centre of Torquay during the day as drivers change over.

As usual when some thing new comes along there are people who say, "It will never work." Well all I can say is they said that about the steam driven car and personal jet packs and retiring at 50 and world peace.


Anonymous said...

After seeing that photo I wondered if I would be able to get a job with your depot. But then I noticed that the chairs are the fixed type. How would I get my belly between the table and chair?

justajob said...

There are one or two of our drivers who have to stand while they eat thier lunch. Standing is OK when you spend your working day sitting down.