Thursday, 18 May 2006

Supermarket in St Marychurch.

A couple of days ago our council held a meeting regarding one of the options of what to do with the old Town Hall in St Marychurch. To put you in the picture, this town hall has been disused for some time. It stands on the main road out of Torquay to Teignbridge and Dawlish at the junction with Manor Road. The main road is not very wide and Manor Road is even narrower. There are plenty of shops about but some one, Tesco I think wants to build a supermarket there.

These pictures should help the council decide that such an idea is not exactly a top class option. Pull the place down and make a park would be a better idea. Anyway I came round the Post Office Roundabout yesterday and this taxi, the grey estate car, stopped in front of me blocking the road. The Lady taxi driver knew she was blocking the road but probably thought that she could load her passenger and be gone in a few seconds. I mean how hard is it to open the door, get passenger in the cab with her 4 bags of shopping find out where she wants to go and GO. Been there, done that, haven't got the T shirt though, gave it to Oxfam.

What she didn't know but soon found out was that passenger didn't just have the 4 bags of shopping she was holding but that other 20 bags were waiting on the pavement 10 feet in front of the cab and the whole exercise took about half an hour. Four minutes really but I bet it felt like half an hour with the whole of Torquay coming to a dead stop. Such incidents happen at this junction regularly and the shop these people had come out of isn't exactly big. In St Marychurch there isn't room to build a street level car park so this sort of thing will be a common occurrence. God help the 30, 31, 32, 34, 66, and 85 bus drivers as well as every other driver driving round St Marychurch once this supermarket goes up.

Please Torbay Council, build a park, after all we don't have to many parks in the Bay.

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