Monday, 12 June 2006

Jeremy Clarkson, Such a Nice Man.

Jeremy Clarkson in his Mirror column on Saturday has shown that there is hope even for him. Though the main article on his page spread in the Daily Boobs was an outright attack on all bus drivers and those who travel on buses I can forgive him slightly for this. He is a busy man and with the Friday dead line approaching and 2000 words still to write he looks round for inspiration.

While stood in a detestable traffic jam caused by all those people who should be out walking the dog instead of clogging up his road with their unimportant journey he notices a bus pull out from a bus stop.

"I know," says our dear Jeremy, "I'll have a go at bus drivers. (Again) "That's always popular". He has after all got to write 2000 words and as long as it has J. Clarkson as the by line it's easy money even if the content is mostly rubbish. The people at the Daily Boobs don't seem to care as long as it fills a page.

No, the area of hope was in one of those bits at the side of the page. A little comment that showed that even the great icon of the "What the fuck is Global Warming?" brigade is into recycling. Even if it was only a crap 4 year old joke he recycled, it is a beginning. There is hope yet.

Oh yes, just in case you missed his piece in the Daily Mirror the joke was the one about the Dept of Transport making bad drivers stick flags on their cars and the really bad drivers fly two flags on their cars. Having seen dear Jeremy drive I imagine if this idea actually did catch on his car would be the only car in London with several 50 foot flag poles stuck on the side to accomadate all his flags.


DistrictDriver said...

I must admit my blood was boiling a bit when I read that on Saturday as well. Being an ex-bus driver (and returning back to the profession next month), I found Clarksons comments to be thoroughly ignorant. At least he did mention that bus drivers do an essential job in very difficult circumstances, but in 10 years of driving buses (before I moved to trains instead!) I never had one blameworthy accident. Yet I filled in an average of an insurance claim form a month because of drivers like Clarkson attempting to overtake on blind bends etc, as shown in your last blog entry!

We all know (and you yourself said in your blog last Wednesday) that there are some bus drivers who will never take a pride in their job, but the majority do.

Aginoth said...

He may be a prat, but he is an amusing prat.

Stephen said...

Have a look at this - someone obviously isn't a massive clarkson fan!!