Saturday, 10 June 2006

Police on Foot Patrol

Now it is nice to see the police walking round our fair town.

But in Black Shirts?

Has no one at the top management of the Devon and Cornwall police read any history?

Actually the answer to that question is almost certainly no. It would appear from comments in the local paper recently that top management have lost the plot.

This is just a small part of the article and was written by a senior office in his "I quit" letter.

"Far from the culture of consultation, openness, honesty, transparency and care that you espoused in July 2002, I leave an organisation where I witness managers being openly hostile of each other and where mistrust abounds; an organisation where I feel lip-service is paid to consultation and staff morale; an organisation where I feel senior people who do not conform to the 'non-challenging norm' are vilified, isolated and professionally damaged - an organisation where I feel many people seem to hold little respect for some members of your command team, and where staff morale is at the lowest ebb that I, and others, can ever remember."

An other comment from a former member of the police authority was,"I rang 999 only last year to report what he suspected was an active burglary at the home of local magistrate, only to be told that the Force did not have the manpower to respond to the incident - but they might pop around in "two or three days" to take details."

What is going on?


cymmon said...

The police have the same problem as alot of other jobs, too many managers and not enough people on the front line.

Red tape needs to be cut down, paperwork is important but surely not as much as is required these days.

Maybe get the top police onto the beat at least one day a week to see the real world?

Anonymous said...

You mean presumably the shirts should be brown?