Thursday, 20 July 2006

Brixham Park and Ride.

If you have been driving between Brixham and Windy Corner over the last few days you may have noticed that Traffic Lights have been erected at the entrance to the Pitch and Putt golf course just past the Go- Carts. Must be a busy Pitch and Putt if they need their very own traffic lights. Nip out and buy some shares quick. Or maybe the ultra safety consious council are going to put traffic lights up at every pub and petrol station, every beach and bus stop, every car park and car boot sale, every DIY and dog home; (I'm getting desperate now).

Well no,there not.Thank goodness, though the bus stop idea has some merit. The lights are for the Park and Ride car park that the council are setting up once again to help beleagured Brixham cope with the summer visitors. Park there free and catch the bus, nominal charge, into Brixham. Click here to see what happened last year the council did this. Not their fault. And it is not often I say that.

The car park will have an attendant so your car will be safe and there are buses every 7 or 8 minutes during the day.

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Anonymous said...

Did the park and ride to Brixham when we were staying in Torquay last year. Magic. It seemed a good plan to us but our over-priviledged kids were well impressed to actually be on a bus! Now in my day......