Monday, 17 July 2006

London Bus on the Strand

I saw this old London bus driving along the Strand over the weekend (Torquay Strand not London). There were a few other old buses driving through the Bay but this was the only one I managed to get a photo of.

Lots of charm and character but low on carrying capacity and dead cold in winter. However they did get you to your destination quicker due to the inbuilt conductor they all carried. No queuing up to get on and pay the driver. I now and then wonder if bringing back conductors would improve public transport to the point of making the extra cost unimportant. I now and then wonder if my boss has asked this question recently.


Tom Hawtin said...

My Oyster card came through the post the other day. Supposedly they make getting on buses much faster, particularly together with two doorways on bendy buses. Even Ken himself has turned away from conductors. Mind you, bendy buses in Paignton bus station would be interesting.

Anonymous said...

It's quite a coincidence that you posted this article - I actually saw a Routemaster bus complete with a conductor on the real Strand today!

Captain said...

Your comments make sense so no manager is going to entertain such an idea. In Sheffield our trams have conductors and operate a lot faster than we can.