Thursday, 27 July 2006

Petrol Tankers; Don't you Just Love Them.

There I was, about 5 minutes down, well OK ten, and the traffic not only came to a dead stop; the cars at the front were turning round and coming back. I couldn't see what was going on as the problem was round the bend. (Been here before). I could soon to see the problem, the cars in front were doing three point turns like the Devil Himself was dancing in the middle of the road. No such luck. Just a petrol tanker that had swung into the Jet Station in Paignton but had come to a stop in just the right place to block the road comprehensively.

A police officer came over and with a big smile said, "Sorry mate, you're going to be here a while. His clutch has burnt out." So I pulled over at the bus stop and explained to the passengers. Most were going to Paignton and the town centre was only half a mile down the road so most got off. Then on the radio to break the bad news.

"Hello Orange control. You'll never guess what's just happened." Orange control don't go in for guessing games so I had to tell them. I also suggested that as a matter of some urgency they should tell all the other twelves heading for the Jet Station to divert otherwise we would have hundreds of buses lined up and not way through.

Orange started. "All twelves Heading for the Jet........" I could bore you with the rest but actually I didn't listen to the rest because as soon as Orange had started, the petrol tanker driver started his engine and drove into the petrol station. So much for a burnt out clutch. I then had to get on the radio and say," Forget that. Tankers gone. Back to normal line of route." I felt a right twit. Must have been the shortest diversion ever. Didn't even get a photo.

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