Saturday, 22 July 2006

Union Street, Torquay

This is Union Street Torquay. Those of you who know it will know that it is a one way street down the hill. Those of you who don't know it now know it is a one way street down hill. So how come this council vehicle driver apparently doesn't know it's a one way street?

Answers on a post card or leave a comment.

P.S. The banner proclaims that it is Torbay Carnival Week 23th July to 30th July so get down here quick or you will miss all the fun.

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firstbusdriverfalmouth said...

Down here in Falmouth we have the same law abiding council workers. You come swinging round a blind corner in a one way street and come nose to nose with a road sweeper or dustcart. Amazing how the highway code dosen't apply to local authority contract workers/drivers.