Saturday, 12 August 2006

Coat stuck in window.

How did I get my coat stuck in the window? First of all it was not my fault. As we drive into Sherbourne Road in Newton there is a give way, not the usual run of the mill give way. This one is slightly different in that the local council have extended the pavement on the right hand side of the road so the is only room for one vehicle to pass at a time. To avoid having head on crashes all the time, the traffic coming out of Sherbourne Road has to give way. Now and then some drivers don't see the signs and think it is a, "who gets there first," type of junction. The problem with this is we in a bus are coming round a bend as we approach and the on coming cars are in a blind spot. With all that glass you wouldn't think there would be a blind spot but the off side mirror gets in the way. Result is that some times we have to brake firmly and some car driver gets to see the front of a bus from about 6 inches away. Not fun if you are of the nervous disposition type. Anyway that happened to day as I went into Sherbourne Rd.

As the passengers were getting of the bus I was approached by a passenger waiting for the 85A. She just wanted to make sure it was still running dispite half the bus station being out of action due to Scaffolding round the car park. I opened the window and in my best company manner assured her the 85A would, at some time to day, arrive and carry her away. She went away brimming with confidence in my ability to tell the future. I then noticed a very irate look male person heading for the bus and my ability to tell the future suggested a punch on the nose. So I shut the window quickly. And trapped my coat. The aggressive male person had been driving the car that had ignored the give way makings and was now trying to ignore the pain that comes when you punch a window that doesn't break. I smiled sweetly at the poor, pain wracked face as tears sprung to his eyes and he wandered off without even waiting for my reply to his demand that I get out of the bus and face him like a man. Still didn't solve the problem of the coat stuck in the window. In the end I had to get on the radio and arrange for a fitter to be on hand when I drove past the depot on the way to Torquay.

For the rest of the day drivers everywhere were asking after my poor coat. No one cared that I had been spoken to very harshly by a bad car driver (That's a bad driver; not the driver of a bad car) nor that the bus window had been punched when it had done nothing to deserve such a beating.


Jimmy said...

You know, if it wasn't for the public, it would be a great job!

Little Leg's Dad said...

Maybe said car driver would rather you remodle the front end of his motor? S'pose it wasn't a fash sort of car by chance??

As a former bus driver, there have been many a reshaped car front end - esp. when I've been in the right - i.e. - my right of way.

justajob said...

Just a 20 year old Volvo. Might have done more damage to the bus than to the car.