Tuesday, 8 August 2006

The Last Seven Days

Wednesday 02 August
Duty 3616; not much happened, drove to Newton back to Brixham back to Newton etc, etc,etc.

Thursday 03 August
Day off, bit of shopping in the morning, couple of pints in afternoon, tellie in the evening. Exciting life down here in Torquay.

Friday 04 August
Woke up feeling like hell. Temperature up, arms and legs aching, clammy skin; Flu like symptoms but I felt well enough for work.

Saturday 05 August
Felt much better, almost looked forward with joy in my heart to work. During the day, each time I went for a pee it did become slightly more obvious that I had a problem that was nothing to do with flu. Never mind, day off Tuesday, go and see Doc.

Sunday 06 August
Got to work and had a drink of water, needed to pee at once. Pee also contained blood. Passing blood can be one of life's most painful moments. Yes I expect child birth can be painful too but you don't give birth 4 or 5 times a day. In the end the pain got so bad I had to become SOD. (Sick on Duty) Got home; entered blood+urine in NHS search engine and it came up with lots of possibilities, the first being bladder stones.

Monday 07 August
Saw Doc, told her my problem and presented a small sample. She tested it. Infection in the tube that allows urine to get from the bladder to the outside world, well the sewerage system anyway.
Take these pills, you will be fine in a day or two.

Tuesday 08 August
Started taking Trimethoprim tablets yesterday, feel better already. Pain gone, urine looks the right colour again, and the right amount. I've always said mankind's, sorry personkind's, greatest invention was Trimethoprim tablets. Never mind the wheel, fire or the internet, they all pale in to insignificance compared with Trimethoprim.

Oh yes; one other thing; I felt so bad over the weekend that I stopped smoking and hardly noticed. It's an ill wind......

Still got my return to work interview to look forward to.


Spinsterella said...


Er, I got here via Geoff, and I love your blog.

Sadly, I can't get the bus here in bristol, because I can't afford it.

(Really - £2.50 for a 20 minute walk. First Bus Fascists.)

SaneScientist said...

Hope you are feeling well again soon. A few years ago I had waterworks troubles too. Being a good biologist, I turned up with my sample all ready (one of the few perks of lab work being access to as many sterile pee pots as you want and latex gloves. Should you ever need them.)

He tested it. No urinary infection. Good.

"I think it might be your prostate."
Two things imediately sprang to mind
1) I'm 21, I can't have prostate cancer surely?
2) What the fuck is he about to do with those rubber gloves and that tube of vaseline...

So in answer to your unspoken questions.
1) Yes he did.
2) No it wasn't as painfull as I expected.
3) No I didn't.

Thank God. A hefty dose of antibiotics and 3 days later I was whistling as I peed again.

Tube Dude said...

Been there and done that.

Hurt like hell.

Glad you feeling much better.

Sarah said...

Always good to go to the doctor early...
Not try to dose yourself with cranberry juice and end up in bed for a week with a kidney infection.

You need amoxycillin after that, not trimethoprim.