Saturday, 26 August 2006

Making a good first impression.

A couple of days ago I did a 07:11 start. I am not usually up at that time as I usually work a middle rota. But control had asked if I could help out and I had foolishly agreed. As I drove out of the depot I noticed that there was a car parked where cars don't usually park. Right on the corner and in the way. It was very tight but I just managed to scrape through. The driver behind got on the radio and told control who broadcast an appeal to the owner of the green car reg number A123 ABC to move his car before it brought the depot to a complete holt.

I had got out but it had taken a good few minutes instead of 5 seconds. Down to the main road and head for Newton. Check the running board a minute early so I pulled over and stopped. At the stop was a trainee bus driver and he explained that he was waiting for an X46 to Exeter where he was starting his driver training. He added that he had parked his car in the depot and was taking the bus as he didn't know the way to Exeter Bus Station. The penny dropped. "Not a green car at the top of the road?" asked I. "Yes." admitted he. I suggested he go and move his car asap.

A good start, blocking the garage up on his first day. Still, no one will hold it against him. Could happen to anyone.

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