Saturday, 5 August 2006

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My house Insurance expirers in September so at this time of year every insurance company send me letters begging me to try their really cheap insurance. At the moment I am paying £225 a year for house and contents. So when Halifax offered to do it for £168 with a 20% discount if I went on line NOW I went on line. I ticked all the required boxes and the quote came back.


Not quite double. But still £84.00 more than my present insurance bill, so sod off Halifax. The insurance company that is, not the town which I am sure is very nice.

Maybe we should try this tactic on the buses. A big sign indicating that a family of 5 can travel on a bus for only £2.40 (1) could be placed on the side of all our buses. What sort of reaction would I get when the family got on the bus in Torquay and wanted to go to Brixham and return. "£16.00 please", I would say. I will leave you to work out what the passengers would say. Think of some thing nasty and send it to Halifax. The insurance company that is.

Footnote 1
A family of 5 can travel for £2.40 on our buses. From Torquay centre to Belgrave Road, about 3/4 mile. Brixham is about 10 miles. and the £16.00 is for a group ticket, for 5 people to use all day long.

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