Wednesday, 6 June 2007

A Bus is a Bus; Not a Mobile Cafe.

We don't really like passengers eating hot food on the bus. It's greasy which can be easily transferred to the seats for other passengers to get on clothes or bits of this greasy food can end up on the floor for other passengers to slip on. It smells and lingers on the bus long after the food has been eaten and even if none of the food does end up on the seats, floor or other passengers clothes it leaves an unsightly mess as seen here.

So when you get on in Union Street Torquay and ask for a ticket to Brixham clutching a bag of fast food don't be surprised if I am a little sceptical when I doubt your assertion that you are not going to eat your KFC or Big Mac but sit there on the bus for 40 minutes while your food, which is just about edible when hot (provided that is you haven't eaten for two days) gets colder and colder. In which case the only residents of the Bay who are likely to want eat it have webbed feet and white feathers and a big yellow beak. Sorry, you bought the stuff in KFC or MacDonald's so eat it in KFC or MacDonalds or even the street but not on my bus thank you.


Pizza Hut Team Member said...

Some people are so scuffy, not to mention they were sat in the pushchair area.

Al said...

I always sit there, unless it's needed for it's intended purpose of course.

Pizza Hut Team Member said...

Al, do you sit on the cinema seats or the normal ones for more room? The buses round here specifically advertise the "comfort zone" which is upstairs, as having extra leg room.

Al said...

I sit on the cinema ones, like those in the pictures. I don't do it for more room or anything, they're just right opposite the centre door for a quick getaway.

The buses which run near my house to where I want to go are all single deck.

caeos said...

waht are the main things you find on a bus for passenger comfort and safety? (in order)
the driver.
the doors.
the bin.
the seats.