Friday, 14 December 2007

Rock Walk

Torbay Council has carried out its plans to close off Torquay's Rock Walk.Fencing now blocks off access to the popular area after bad weather last weekend highlighted safety concerns.A preliminary inspection of Rock Walk took place in January and then a further more detailed inspection took place in March which found the area was becoming unsafe.

No timetable for the repairs has yet been set, but Torbay Council have already confirmed the main road will need to be closed off as part of the operation when a large crane is brought in.

The above is from the local paper, the Herald Express. Two problems here, in the 9 years I have lived in the Bay I have almost never seen anyone walking in Rock Walk and have never seen evidence of any work being done by the council to maintain Rock Walk. Now £600 000 needs to be spent there. The second problem is the last bit about the crane on the main road. This road isn't just the main road, it is the only road between the Harbour and the rest of Torbay. Get ready for serrious disruption when the work starts.

Here is a bench on Rock Walk for you sit on while you wait!


Lord Hutton said...

Yep very few people on Rock Walk. I expect they will close the landward side like they did before with the water works. Should be fine as it doesnt behave as a dual carriageway because of the parking both sides

David said...

It will still cause problems.But we can deal with them. We're used to problems.