Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A Bus in Abbey Road

I went for a little walk along Braddon's Hill Road yesterday. I have never been along that road before, it is up some very sleep steps, and got this shot.
I have just put a new hard drive in the computer, the last one was still working but making so much noise I was surprised the neighbours didn't complain. Anyway I ordered it last week and the day it came I had finished backing up the few remaining files I hadn't previously got on DVD. Then I googled 'How to change a hard drive'. All seem simple until I came across one which went on about partitioning the new hard drive and NATS files and such junk. It looked so complicated I thought about chucking all my screwdrivers in the sea and forgetting the whole thing. But I went a head, opened the back of the computer, took a deep breath and two hours later all was up and running just fine. So now I have a 500GB hard drive, room for 150 000 photos. I love photos.


A Taxi Driver said...

I hate Braddon's Hill Rd, such a pain to get there and even worse to get out.

NThorn said...

you would have been better off with an external hard drive, just plug in the USB and play :D