Saturday, 29 August 2009

Passengers flee as bus goes up in smoke

A bit of news from Stagecoach

Passengers had to be evacuated when a bus burst into flames.
The Stagecoach single-decker sent smoke billowing into the air as it climbed Babbacombe Road towards St Marychurch.
About 30 passengers were on the number 32 as it came to a halt at the junction of Lower Warberry Road yesterday morning. Passengers made their own way off through the door at the front of the bus after the driver pulled over.Emergency services arrived within minutes

Later Stagecoach staff at the scene refused to comment on the incident other than to confirm the driver was physically unharmed but in shock.
A Stagecoach spokeswoman later confirmed: "There was an incident on the Babbacombe Road involving one of our vehicles.
"No passengers were injured and everyone was safely evacuated from the vehicle.
"The fire was contained in the engine compartment and we will be investigating this incident in full. Normal service has resumed."
Mechanics from Stagecoach said the fault was 'extremely rare' and probably electrical.
They said the vehicle would have to be taken back to the depot for a full engine check.
The road was closed for about an hour while diesel was cleared away.


Anonymous said...

just in case you are wondering it was '06 plated dart 34860.

Apparently it looks repairable. :)

bouncertqy said...
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