Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Dust Over NSW

Sydney where one of my sisters lives is covered with sand. A long dry spell and hot weather together with strong winds have blown a part of the outback into town. My other sister lives in Tweed Heads which is over 800km north of Sydney is also getting it's share. I spoke to Cath in Tweed Heads yesterday and she mentioned that it had been unseasonably hot and dry, the grass in her garden had turned yellow. no mention of sand everywhere. Then today she emailed me this picture she had taken out of her window, everything has turn a reddish brown.

Just a fore taste of what global warming will do once it gets a firm grip on the planet.

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Steve said...

I was in Armidale, north west of Sydney, the day of the dust storm. Unfortunately, we had rain the day before, so the dust stuck just that bit better. You should see my car, it used to be dark blue.