Thursday, 17 December 2009

Bus on it's Side

Not often you see a double decker on it's side. The driver of the red truck was arrested after this incident in London. The bus, a C3, was hit as it drove along a main road. Three people were injured in the accident including the driver of the bus. None of the injuries are life threatening thank goodness. A video, (available here) taken a hour or so later showed the front of the bus and someone had changed the destination blind to read "Sorry, not in service." A nice touch. The driver has since been released from hospital but the two passengers injured are still detained in a serious but stable condition.


James (All Aboard) said...

Changing the blind to "not in service" is a TfL requirement... At least that is what I was told when I drove in London. No idea why Though!

Anonymous said...

What, if you have a crash? I can think of better things to do!

The bus company did remove their name from the front too!

The question is, why was a lorry allowed to go out with lethal metal poles sticking well over the front?