Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Gas Leak In Union St

This was the Union St, the main shopping street in Torquay this morning. A small gas leak in one of the shops and the road was closed. Amongst the fire engines and gas board truck sits the Land Train. A case of being in the right place at the right time.
Here crowds of people wait for the all clear so they can get about their shopping.

And a number 12 caught up in the traffic mayhem that always accompanies such incidents. The whole thing started at 10:30 and the road was opened just after 12.


David said...

Just after I had finished this post I read on the BBC web page that there had been two gas explosions in Manchester and some one had been hurt. Looks like we were lucky here in Torquay.

Lord Hutton said...

Well I certainly missed all that. Thank goodness for meetings!

retired driver Peter said...

There was a photographer who over many years of pictures in bus mags always endeavoured to have a young lady in the foreground of his pictures and did I believe have a book published with such works of art. The young lady with the magnificent hair in this foreground would have been a worthy addition to his portfolio

Dave said...

A little excitement Dave. At least it wasn't a bank robbery or a major accident. - Dave