Saturday, 23 January 2010

Comment Moderation

There have been quite a few odd comments left on this site recently so I have decided for the time being to switch on the comment moderation system for a while. When ever a comment is made I get an email asking if I want to publish the comment. I do check my email every day so if you leave a comment that isn't written in Russian, barely recognisable English, selling something, wanting to know how to download films free on the internet, just doesn't make sense or is being nasty to David Cameron then it will get published within 24 hours, probably less.
I do reserve the right to change the above conditions if I feel like it.

1 comment:

retired driver Peter said...

I am quite happy to have you check anything I may write before it is published although rather than denigrate DC I am more likely to make complimentary comments about Nick Clegg.and contrarily If he is not returned to Parliament will miss my local Labour MP who has proved to be more active for his constituents than any other MP that I have experienced since I started to vote over 50 years ago.
However let's not argue Politics, it is almost as bad as arguing Religeon