Sunday, 7 February 2010

Fiddling the Expences, More Thoughts

So out of 337 MPs only 3 are to face charges regarding the matter. What about the couple who claimed expenses for both the houses they were living in, what about the man who claimed for a duck house or the nearby MP who spent loads of your money and mine doing up his garden?

It was bad enough the MPs had been found(allegedly) to have their fingers in the till but the farce the enquiry has turned into is only making the matter worse. For instance of the MPs who appealed against having to pay back money over 60% have been successful. I bet those who didn't claim are kicking themselves now. And the changing of some of the rules so that MPs who had claimed expenses according to the rules suddenly found the goal posts had been moved and not only that, the new rules had been backdated. So if the football rule makers decide that the goal posts should be wider and the rules backdated to 1950 then all the players the hit the post with a shot in the last 60 years can claim a goal. That would make a mess of the record books.

And finally as someone has commented here, the cost of this has been more than will be recovered which make this farce a fairly expensive one.

OK I know I said finally but one more comment. The 3 MPs who are trying to use Parliamentary Privilege to get out of going to court should remember this privilege  only covers them for what they say in the House. So be brave lads and stand up in the House of Commons and say out loud, "I did fiddle my expenses." Then you can not end up in court as freedom of speech is sacred and what you say cannot be used against you. Good luck to you.

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Lord Hutton said...

So our political class is bent. What do we do for a government? Whoever you vote for, the government wins. Unfortunately.