Sunday, 28 February 2010

More on Babbacombe Downs

The veiw the diners will have.

There have been a few posts here and items in newspapers about the proposed Fish Restaurant to be built in Babbacombe Downs. A few weeks ago a Facebook site started called "Keep your fishy fingers OFF Babbacombe downs" It has 1245 members and a week ago staged a minor protest on the Downs to demonstrate their opposition to the plan. Part of the development involved the land being given to the developer either for free or a very low price (£1) with little or no rent being charged as an inducement.

During the protest, which I videoed and is on YouTube, I asked Arthur Christian who is one of the leading members of the protest group if there was a similar group on Facebook who were in favour of the restaurant. He stated that "If any one wanted to start such a group then they should go ahead. That's what democracy is all about.”

Such a group, I have to report, now exists, it's called THE NEW RESTAURANT PLANNED FOR BABBACOMBE DOWNS IS AN AWESOME IDEA!! and has 362 members. As it hasn't been going for as long as the protest group that isn't bad. Anyway in the interests of even handed fair play I have included here links to both the groups. Both are open to public view, you don't have to be a member to read their posts. If you are unfamiliar with Facebook, don't be scared just click on either link and you will end up at the "Wall" where members can write anything they like there. Other members can add comments but non members can't. If you want to write something you can join very easily; and leave should you wish, just as easily.

The final decision to build or not to build is of course in the hands of the Council, the listening, caring Council and the developer who might on reflection decide against spending his money here in Torbay. Time as always will tell.

Link to For page.

Link to Against page.

PS Bill Shakespeare, who was the greatest writer of all time never used two exclamation marks at the end of a sentence. One is enough.

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