Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Redevelopment of Princess Gardens and The Pavilion

I received an email from the local residents association containing the agenda set out below. The pier in front of Princess Gardens is falling down and the only way it can be repaired is if the whole area is redeveloped using mostly private money. Princess Gardens is an open space in a town that is short of open spaces and needs to be preserved. So if you live in Torquay and give a damn then give some though to attending the meeting on Monday 22 Feb.

Agenda for the Tormohun Community Partnership
February 22nd 2010
7.00 pm – 9.00 pm
Rosetor Room courtesy of Barry Cole
The Future of Princess Gardens and the Pavilion

1. Apologies & Housekeeping 2 mins

History of Princess Gardens
- Dr Michael Rhodes, Ian Williams and Tony Garratt 15 mins

Condition of Princess Gardens and the Pavilion

By Gordon Ross and Dave Stewart 15 mins

Options Appraisal and importance to our economy
By Steve Parrock (TDA) 15 mins

Discussion with the developer 25 mins

Questions and Answers 45 mins

If you can't make it then see this site for a report, full or otherwise on 23 Feb.

Note; Tormohun is the name of part of Torquay. It is only used in local government circles.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that. I'm spreading the word.

Lord Hutton said...

Do me a favour and campaign for the pontoon to go on the old fish quay, not Princes Pier (ie to help to repair it). There wont be a fast ferry if it goes on Princes Pier