Thursday, 18 February 2010

Tourism Is Vital to Torbay; So We Take Good Care Of It.

LEADING Torbay tourism chief Carolyn Custerson who has been asked by Torbay Council to draw up a tourism strategy which includes the setting up of a private-public partnership body to run the industry recently addressed the Torbay Hospitality Association.

The meeting apparently was not without a little bit of unpleasantness according to a report in the local paper.

Later she spoke to the Herald Express and said.

"It's very important that Torbay has a hospitality association, but an association which has got an open mind and is all-inclusive.
"Associations are important for a feeling of belonging and communication, but they need to be associations people respect.
"We should all be trying to work more closely for the greater good of the Bay."

I would say that Mrs Custerson is a very tactful lady.

There has been some conflicting views within the THA for some time and a new organisation called the Torbay Accommodation Providers which appears to have been set up by people who have left the THA.

That was from one "news" story ( well it is quiet at the moment) in today's Herald Express. Also in the same paper was a story which told how the police had been called in a to sort out a row involving alleged harassment by email of one member of the THA. No action was taken but "suitable advice" was given to the sender of the emails.

I ask you, is a script writer from Eastenders making this stuff up or is it a group of people who are supposed to be encouraging holiday makers to come to Torbay and spend loads of money trying to commit financial suicide. The sooner we have a professional body, properly funded by the Council, with some private money maybe, to act to encourage people to come to Torbay the better. At the moment it looks like Basil and Sybil Fawlty are back running the place.

The Torbay Hospitality Association web page can be found here.
The Torbay Accommadation Providers web page here.

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