Friday, 16 April 2010

Poor Iceland

Dear Iceland (the country not the supermarket),

It's cash we want not ash.

So far I haven't spoken to anyone who has been caught up in the problems caused by the ash cloud drifting over out heads but next weekend my brother is planning to fly out to Australia. Each time the National Air Traffic Service move the time for reopening the airspace back he must getting a little bit more worried.

I have a feeling the effects of this ash cloud will be felt long after the cloud it's self has gone. The short and long term knock on effects from people missing holidays to airlines going bust are just to awesome to think about for any length of time with out the brain starting to hurt. If you had sat down a week ago in a pub with a few mates and tried to think up what could go wrong with your holiday I doubt you would have come up with this in a hundred years.


Lord Hutton said...

It does seem very apocalyptic, doesn't it?

retired driver Peter said...

Someone suggested that it was Icelands revenge because we wanted our money back.

retired driver Peter said...

Oh, and best wishes to your brother but it deoes look as though some flights are resuming.

May I draw attention to a web site 'Travels with a Bus pass'

Pat said...

Could be a bumper summer for holidays in the UK and good news for resorts like Torbay