Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Politics and Bus Stops

David Cameron was in Torquay today, lucky him. We were just walking through the Harbour when he turned up. His coach driver made the mistake of stopping on the bus stop on the Strand. The number 12 behind immediately blew his horn several times. The Strand controller went up to the driver and told him to move. Meanwhile David Cameron, head of the Tory party, had to scramble to get of the bus before it moved away. Then he moved round the harbour so fast it was difficult to keep up with him. He had Marcus Woods with him. Mr Woods is standing in the election against the sitting MP Adrian Sanders and hasn't a chance. For one thing he is best mate of Nick Bye, the Mayor of Torbay. Nick is as popular as bubonic plague and much of that popularity has rubbed off on to Marcus,poor chap. The other reason is Adrian is well liked and a hard working MP who didn't fiddle his expenses while all (many) around him were.


Would you want a man as Prime Minister who couldn't iron a shirt?

It's two hours after I first posted the above item and I have discovered the reason David is wearing a badly ironed shirt. While he was in Cornwall a student threw an egg at him which hit him on the shoulder hence the change of shirt.

Would you want a man as Prime Minister who went on the campain trail without a few spare shirts?


Ex DG said...

Glad I was in Exeter:-)))

David said...

If you had been in Torquay a quick blink and you would have missed him, and his side kick Marcus.

Lord Hutton said...

You know what a cardinal sin it is to stop a coach on the 12 bus stop on the Strand!

Taxi Driver said...

It was a hoodie who threw the egg. I don't think David gave him a hug.

Cabbie J said...

I wasn't best pleased when I got stuck trying to get past his party bus parked in the taxi rank on Victoria Parade. Had a few choice words with the driver as I squeezed past - but unfortunately he had his window closed.