Friday, 7 May 2010

Local Result

Adrian Sanders Liberal Democrat 23,126     47.0     +5.2
Marcus Wood Conservative 19,048     38.7     +2.9
David Pedrick-Friend Labour 3,231     6.6     -7.9
Julien Parrott UK Independence Party 2,628     5.3     -2.7
Ann Conway British National Party 709     1.4     +1.4
Sam Moss Green 468     1.0     +1.0
Majority 4,078 8.3
Turnout 49,210 64.6     +4.4

This is our local result. As you can see Adrian Sanders the sitting MP won yet again with an increased vote. Sorry to see that more people voted BNP than Green. Both Labour and UKIP went down. Will Marcus Wood continue in his attempt to get elected or will he step down for the good of his party. His close association with Nick Bye (Torbay's mostly disliked Mayor) has not done him or the Conservatives much good.

LibDems didn't do as well nation wide leaving that nice Mr Clegg with egg on his face. Sorry Nick.

Even with LibDem support Labour can not get anything like a majority in Parliament which leaves me wondering how long it will take for David Cameron to get Gordon Brown out off Number 10 and how long it will be before the next election.


Well done the Green Party in Brighton 

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Lord Hutton said...

Saw Richard Younger Ross in the pub last night. I think we was slightly relieved that he could ease off on the MP drinking habits