Friday, 4 June 2010

Part Time Job

Where are we? Oh yes, it's Friday 4th June and I have got two days off after a long week. Thursday last week I went into work and was told one of the two coaches used by the Scottish Hotel had failed it's MOT. The reason being it had a cracked window. Now it has had a cracked window for weeks but it wasn't sent for a new window until the day before the MOT. The window place didn't in fact have the right window and would have to order it, could you come back next week.
Now the Scottish hotel is more important than Torquay so we lost a coach. I was told that a driver based in the Midlands would do the run on Sunday and then we wouldn't have a coach back at the hotel till Thursday. Great. I mean great as in good, not the sardonic version. A few days off now the sun was shining would be very nice thank you very much. Friday when I went in to do a trip to Gordano and back I was told that plan A had been scrapped and we would have a coach but the driver who was going to come down from the Midlands had to go some where on Tuesday so would I mind working Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, still gave me Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday off so OK.
Then the above mentioned driver had to go to a funeral and would come down Wednesday evening, would I do the trip to Plymouth on Wednesday. Down to 3 days off. On the way to work on Wednesday morning my mobile rang, I was stopped waiting for some cars on the main road to pass so I answered it at once. It was work, the driver I have already mentioned a couple of times had a bad back and I had to do the Plymouth trip then nip up dead to Walsall, stay the night and bring a new lot of guests down on Thursday morning. Only two of the 8 days off I had been promised left.
One good thing, no one can ring me today or tomorrow and say "Come it to work. We need you to drive the coach." I have run out of driving days. The next time I can drive is Sunday when I will be going to Walsall again. Monday there are two pick ups in Leicester for some reason so it will be an early start.

The photo was taken a few days ago in the car park of the hotel I stay at when in Walsall. If you click here you can find a little of this Spitfire’s history.

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