Monday, 28 June 2010

Wrong way on the motorway (almost)

Not me, I didn't try and drive down the M5 the wrong way but almost ran into someone who was giving the idea his best shot. I was coming back from the Midlands on Monday. Normally I would stop at Sedgemoor Services but decided to pull in at Gordano instead. As up come up the slip road to the service station it comes to a roundabout. Traffic on the roundabout will have come of the northbound carriageway of the M5 and will be heading for the service station which at Gordano is all on one side of the motorway. Anyway a car driven by an elderly gentleman was on this roundabout and misunderstood the road markings and in stead of turning left into the car park tried to turn left onto the slip road, not an easy thing to do given the layout of the road. I was coming up and on seeing this foolishness flashed my lights and sounded the horn vigorously. Fortunately this did have the desired effect and the car driver realised the error of his ways and stopped and turned round.

So we all made our safe way home eventually to watch the England team make their way dismally out of the world cup and into oblivion. Torquay United football team would have put up a better show.


retired Driver Peter said...

I remember back in about 1987 (about 30 years into my driving career)coming off the ferry at Boulougne which at that time had a longish single carriageway bridge down to ground level at the end of which was a roundabout.
As I joined it what did I do? I met a French police car , he was of course proceeding in the correct direction whilst I was still in UK mode! his reaction fortunately was to put his head in his hands. I immediately corrected myself and never made the same mistake again. It just proves that one does not necessarily need to be elderly or a car driver to make mistakes.

newrose said...

So what was going through this drivers mind, Possibly somthing playing on his mind,yep.