Sunday, 25 July 2010

Still Coach Driving

Thanks for the supportive comments, I have got used to the idea of continued coach driving. Sometimes it can be a bit of a drag, like sitting in a coach park somewhere waiting until it is time to pick the guests up after they have wandered round some town, village, beauty spot or Trago Mills. Or loading 50 cases on and of the coach. I was trying to move a case the other day, and I really mean trying, and a little old lady came up and said, "That's my case young man. Be careful with it." She was only down for a 4 day midweek break, what in god's name did she have in it I wondered. She must have read my thoughts and said she had everything of value she possessed so if she got broken into while down here in beautiful Torquay she would still have all her important possessions. Nice idea but hard on my poor old back.

As the M5 goes over the Bristol Avon you can see a car park on the seaward side of the road. Not just any car park as you can see but hundreds, possibly thousands of new cars waiting for someone to buy them. I had seen like this a lot recently and always thought that white seemed to be the predominate colour. But I managed to take this photo the other day, I hadn't been able to previously as the traffic is usually too heavy but this day someone else was driving. When I looked at the photo I realised that the cars had white covers, presumably to protect from sunlight and seagull droppings. I wonder how long those cars actually sit there before someone drives one away from a showroom under the mistaken impression he is driving a brand new car?

Note; for pylon enthusiasts I used the photo with a couple of pylons in it

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Anonymous said...

This is where the cars sit once off the boat and wait until they get loaded on the car transporters which you have to deal with on the motorways!