Monday, 16 August 2010

I should have looked worried.

Experienced bus/coach driver, hard & conscientious worker, team player, reliable, polite, careful, willing, honest, considerate, long time blogger, keen photographer and good looking, requires employment in the Torquay area.

As you can see the company, McColl's of Argyll, has closed with immediate effect putting me and 65 other people out of work, 20 in Torquay, 8 in the Midlands and the rest in Scotland.

If you know of any gainful, suitable employment going please let me know. Thanks


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear the news. Keep your chin up - I'm sure something else will come good for you.

Dave from Barwell said...

One door closes, another one will open, believe me! Good luck, Dave

retired driver Peter said...

Good Luck to you DAve. It may not be the end of the saga- if the Hotel is good it may be that one of the Hotel Groups or even a Coach company may yet show an interest. In the meantime when you return to the West Country you could always parade round town wth a Sandwich Board
Regards Peter

Managing careers into the 21st century said...

I have a group booking with McColls in Torquay so I am not happy either do you know what is going to happen to peoples booked holidays about money back

David said...

PLease see post dated 17 Aug re cash back or copy and paste bondedcoachholidays into google.

newbie said...

Your best option is to search on job centre plus web site regularly and that way you will have 1st bite at any job going,