Saturday, 25 September 2010

Broken Down Coach

As usual I went out for a walk this afternoon. When I got to Abbey Road it was standing traffic only. As it is a one way street the cars couldn't turn round and find another way. They were stuck. Being curious and not going anywhere in particular I decided to have a look for the reason for the hold up which did appear to be serious. When I got near the lights half way up the hill I could see a police office directing traffic to turn left down Shedden Hill and just beyond a coach stationary at an angle across the road. As you can see from the picture the back end is very close to a wall and my first thought was it had hit the wall. As I got a bit closer I could see there was no damage either to the wall or the coach. What I could see were a couple of feet, human feet that is not feet as in distance, protruding from under the coach. It looked like the driver had been reversing out of the hotel and hit a pedestrian. Then the body got up and said, "No wires hanging down here". It was the driver, he had reversed and stopped by the wall and the engine had died and nothing he could do would get it running. After hanging around and offering unhelpful advice for a while I wandered off to continue my walk. Half an hour later, on my way home, and the coach was still there but the police had managed to get the traffic moving up Abbey Rd. There are some places you just don't want to break down and this is one of them.

Not too sure what time the coach was fixed.

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newbie said...

yes these things do break down from time to time