Saturday, 4 September 2010

Quote of the Week

Up in Chelston a 32 bus got away from it's driver who had got of the bus for an undisclosed reason. It crashed through a hedge into Mrs Mulkeen's front garden coming to rest inches from the house.
"It's such a shame, because I'd got it looking so nice before this bus comes along and spoils it all."
Mrs Mulkeen, who was sitting on the other side of the wall in her living room when the number 32 bus demolished her hedge and flattened her front garden.
No one was hurt in the incident and Stagecoach have promised to investigate the matter but will they let the rest of us exactly how a 5 tonne bus managed to end up in someone's front garden?


Cabbie J said...

Drove past this an hour or so after it happened.
I'm sure you know the 32 route.. he had stopped on Raleigh Avenue due to a 'fault' and got everybody off the bus.
It rolled away slowly down that very steep hill, across Queensway and into this ladies garden.

There have been numerous comments on Herald Express criticising the driver for leaving his engine on being the cause of the accident (which has nothing to do with it at all). If I were to speculate I'd say there was a brake problem, driver got everyone off, then they failed.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the cause of the incident, it is illegal to leave the driving seat of your vehicle on a public road (and probably on a road to which the public have access such as the grounds of a hospital or a bus station) with the engine running. One cannot but help think driving school would have impressed that upon its drivers. However, thankfully no-one was hurt.

newbie said...

These are beautiful buses and its fascib=nating to know how much energy and thought went into manufacturing these.

York Bus Driver said...

Was the engine actually running at the time? the bus could have still run away with the engine switched off.