Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Recycle. (It wont go away on it's own.)

The new recycling system started last week to great fanfares of derision from some. Me, all I was going to say was give it time. We, the people have to get used to it and the TOR2 operatives have to learn to use the new system. It will all settle down in a few weeks.

Then last Friday afternoon I noticed this pile of rubbish in a nearby street. Now Friday used to be collection day round here but it has been changed to Tuesday. As I walked passed I consoled myself with the thought that it would be collected on Tuesday morning.

The photo was taken on Tuesday afternoon. So why wasn't it removed by the TOR2 operatives on Tuesday morning? It's not as if is easy to overlook is it?


Ex DG said...

Were I live we are still on the old system because it's a block of flats- but we haven't had a rubbish collection for two weeks. Our dustbin area is beginning to look like a landfill site with that many black bags everywhere. Normal collection is early Wednesday morning- if they have not been emptied by the time I get up I shall be on the phone to Tor2 and possibly environmental health.
Caught the bus to Teignmouth today and ended up following one of the new wagons up the Teignmouth Road just past Maidencombe- stopped at every 5 bar gate and then had to sort the recyclable rubbish and put it into the correct hatch. Luckily a bit further on it pulled into a wide junction and we were able to get past.

Prodigal Green said...

I would say that as it hasn't been sorted out it into the right bins won't get collected.