Thursday, 2 September 2010

A reply to an email and a text message.

On Sunday I sent out yet an other email after a job I had heard about. I looked at my emails Monday mid morning and was again disappointed not to have a reply, then I realised it was Bank Holiday and I couldn't really expect a reply on a Bank Holiday could I. Tuesday came and went without a response but Wednesday morning came a reply asking me to ring at my convenience. Which I did only to find my man had just left the office and no one was sure exactly when he would be back. I promised to ring later.

Then a text message from one of the other drivers I used to work with at McColl’s saying he had just put in a good word for me at his new place of work and hoped I got the job. Nice.

Later I rang the company and got through to the man in charge of hiring and firing (though I am only interested in the hiring bit). It's a part time job which is really what I was after but I would have to take a coach out for a drive just to make sure I can handle it. Right. So Friday morning I have a little road test. I'll let you know what happens next.

If I don't get the job maybe I'll write a book and get interviewed on telly, if Tony Blair can get away with it any one can.

Tomorrow, Thursday, I am going on a roof top tour of Exeter Cathedral. If the weather is fine I should get tons of photos though I am not looking forward to climbing all those steps.

And if all else fails.

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newbie said...

I certainly hope you will get this job.