Saturday, 25 September 2010

Rock Walk

While on my daily wander round Torquay I noticed a poster advertising a forthcoming attraction concerning Rock Walk. Or as it is correctly known, The Royal Terrace Gardens. The Royal in this case being on of Victoria's daughters, Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll. She had an interesting life, click here to find out more. Anyway next Saturday is opening day as you can see from the poster on a nearby bus stop. Not a mention of the time though. Nick Bye will be there but don't let that put you off because Professor Iain Stewart together with a choir and all sorts of other attractions will also be in attendance. We might even get to walk up the steps and admire the view at last.

If you can't make it don't worry, I'll take a few photos and post them here.

This is from the Herald Express which does know what time it all starts.

The one-day festival celebrates the re-opening of the gardens after the three-year project to secure the rock face, restore the popular gardens, and with its flying staircases and viewing platform offering spectacular views and special lighting system, create a new attraction for Torquay

The festivities will start at noon and include street performances and live music by local bands, family workshops, and a spectacular 20-minute after-dark light and sound show. The day is topped by an 8pm concert performance by Seth Lakeman at the Princess Theatre.



Mary, Bristol said...

It looks like a big blot on the landscape compared to the old Rock Walk. BUT it may give a lovely view of the monstrosity which is the hotel that is being propose!!!

Cabbie J said...

Yes, I did think it looked a bit out of place. Coming over from Corbyn Head it still looks like a ribbon of scaffolding.

I would imagine, though, that it will bed-in and vegetation would regrow. I can only hope so anyway - the cliffs look bare and the walkway out of place.

PS, that large hotel isn't going to be built. The council can't afford to buy the old Palm Court building, and we're already saturated with cheap hotel chains. Don't expect anything to come of those plans.

HKguy said...

I remember years ago staying in the Palm Court Hotel. It still breaks my heart when I see it empty. A prime site left to rot. C'mon Torquay you can do better.

Anonymous said...

about time it was re-opened! Hopefully the road will be back to the dual carriageway as well

David said...

First about The Palm Court Hotel, Councillor Lewis stated recently that the council would take action by Christmas if a developer could not be found, this could include knocking the place down.
Second the road will not revert back to a duel carriageway. The council have plans to make the landward side a two way street with parking on the seaward side. This might be reversed in the short term, ie parking on the land side with through traffic remaining as it is till some time next year. The saga drags on.

ExDG said...

as at 5.30pm today- all the barriers have gone, hooray!

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David said...

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