Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Vote For Me

We have an elected mayor here in Torbay. There was a referendum 4 years ago and we the people voted to have such a position created. There are those who were against the idea in the first place but I suspect there are many more against the idea now. The present holder of the office, Nick Bye, has not been the most popular politician ever to walk the earth.

Part of the setting process was that the mayor would be elected for a period of 5 years. He could stand again after that if he wished. Then after 10 years we the people could decide that the position was, or wasn't working and, if we wished get rid. There are some out there who wish we could get rid now.

The next election for the mayor's job will be in May, at the same time as the council elections. Already someone has said he will be standing. He is Patrick Canavan. He was the Newton Abbot Labour Party candidate in the last general election. Nick Bye, conservative, says he will decide if he will stand at the end of October.

I might stand myself, I would have a straight forward manifesto. For the first 3 months after I am elected I will dismantle everything to do with the office of elected mayor and let the council run the town like they are supposed to do. During the next 3 months I will sit in my office just to make sure I haven't left anything still running that needs an elected mayor. Then I will take a 95% pay cut which should save the Torbay council tax payers £250 000. For the next 4 and a half years I will discharge those duties I feel like doing such as opening church fates and planting trees and cutting the ribbon to open the new Kingskerswell by pass (should be built by then). After that people we see we can manage without an elected mayor and vote to get rid of the position.

PS Four years ago I voted yes in the referendum, I thought it was a good idea at the time. Maybe there are places in the country where it would be a good idea but not here in Torquay, it's too progressive for us.


bouncertqy said...

Dear Mr. Banks

I have noted your Mayoral Election Comment and also about the Local Election in Torbay.

As I feel you would make a Supurb Councl Candidate.

Please may we aquaint and discuss if you are serious about this

Kind Regards

bouncertqy said...

Please see note above made error in not clicking my email. Sincere apologies


David said...

bouncertqy, Much as I would like to stand I feel I wouldn't have much chance of getting elected just to dimantle the position of mayor but if you want to email me then click on my profile and then on email me.

Pat said...

I am sure Nick Bye will stand again for mayor.Once people like him get their noses in the trough it is very difficult to get rid of them.

newbie said...

OK thanks for sharing tour view.