Friday, 12 November 2010

Nick Bye is a masochist.

Nick Bye, our elected Mayor here in Beautiful Torbay is obviously a masochist. Newspaper reports in today's Herald Express confirm a rumour that has been going round the Bay for years now.

After years of suffering the slings and arrows of high office he has decided to come out and admit that the abuse that some of the inhabitants of Torbay have been throwing at him virtually from day one of his kingship hasn't put him off trying to have an other four years of taking the nastiness that went with most of his first 4 years. He has announced that he intends to put his name forward to be the conservative party candidate in next May's election. Personally I think he is a very brave man, but then again there is a £65 000 salary at the end of each year. Not that I believe that would have influenced him one little bit.

One other piece of good news, the bomb in Plymouth has been removed and dropped in the sea and blown up. Good news for the people of Plymouth but not so good for any fish that happened to swim up to the bomb as it was sinking thinking, "Does that look like food. I'll just give it a quick nibble and see." One mistake they are not likely to repete in a hurry.

An other piece of news is that the weather forecasters appear to have got their predictions wrong last night, round here anyway. Storm force winds and heavy rain never turned up so the roof is still intact.

And finally I had a look on the job search web site a while ago. Three new jobs posted so far today. One was offering 4 hours work and an other 7 hours. That's a week not a day. Not worth getting up for. Woops. Does that count as one refusal of work, or two even. One more like that and I'm out. Benefits stopped; that's me done for, I'll soon be living in a church hall. Hope it has an internet connection.


HKguy said...

Thanks for the pic of the Palm Court Hotel. This was (I think) the first hotel I ever stayed at in Torquay. Cracking place on the seafront, wonderful views from the rooms too. £15 a night if I remember rightly back in the late 80's early 90's. Happy Memories. Pity it's all derelict now.

Anonymous said...

Put Nick Bye up for a knighthood. I wouldn't want his job for anything. He must love Torbay to put up with all the nutters who write every day to the Hatred Express and block every attempt to drag Torbay into the 21st century.

Cabbie J said...

Personally I think Nick Bye is an incredibly weak man, and this annoys me.
Whilst he might stand up for things like new developments, he falls flat on his back and gets walked right over with far more important issues.

David said...

I agree Cabbie J, but I think he has upset too many people to get re-elected in May. And I have a feeling the Tory group on the council might see him as a liability and dump him.

David said...

HKguy, I remember about 60 years ago listerning on the wireless every Sunday afternoon to the Palm Court Orchestra, Torquay and throught it must be a real posh place to have an orchestra. Shame it's fallen on such hard times. A bit like Torquay really.

Anonymous said...

It was not the Torquay Palm Cout Orchestra I believe it was Bournemouth. The Pavilion had an Orchestra that was supported by the council.

David said...

"Grand Hotel : Relays of Light classical music started in 1925 from The Grand Hotel in Eastbourne and were, to quote the Radio Times of the era, 'Music of the Palm Court Orchestra'. The Lounge Hall of the Grand was used - it did not actually have a Palm Court."
The above is from a web site about music programs on the BBC so it turns out I was wrong in my belief that in music came from beautiful Torquay.