Thursday, 25 November 2010

Poor Nick Bye

Poor Nick Bye. He's our elected Mayor by the way. His term of office is to end in May next year and he wishes to stand again. However he hasn't been the most popular elected mayor we have ever had. Come to think about it he has, but then he has also been our only elected mayor. A day or two ago he attended a selection meeting of local leading members of his party (con party) and they told him they didn't like him. They went even future and suggested that nobody liked him all that much and they were going to pick someone else to represent the con party next May. One slight puzzle about this meeting. Nick is mayor of Torbay yet senior members of the con party from Totnes, which is outside Torbay apparently attended. What's it got to do with them? We don't tell Totnes what to do so why should they have any say in the matter?

Nick is reported that he intends to challenge the decision and if the 2nd vote goes against him he might even consider standing for mayor anyway as an independent. Personally I wouldn't bother Nick. Now what I would do if I was a vindictive person would be look round and decide who amongst your party (con party) stabbed you in the back and spend the next 5 months you have left in office repeatedly stabbing them in the back. Metaphorically of course. I'm not suggesting actual bloodshed or real violence. But if you are not a vindictive person what I suggest you do is go into your office on Monday morning as if nothing had happened and continue trying your best for Torbay just as you always have. You never know, you might even pull something spectacular out of your hat and be carried shoulder high through the streets of Torquay by a grateful public. Remember what the late, great Harold Wilson said about a week in politics?

What ever you do, Nick, do it with either a very sharp, knife, a metaphorical knife that is, or with dignity.

PS Even though I voted in the referendum for an elected mayor I now believe the post should be scrapped. I would vote for any candidate who agrees with me to the point of saying, "If I am elected I will do absolutely nothing apart from telling the councillors the run the council like they are supposed to." The candidate would also have to take at least a 95% pay cut.


Anonymous said...

Unlike the back stabbers, Nick Bye gets results. One of the guys at that meeting promised us years ago that he would be bringing lots of cruise ships to the Bay. Where are they all?

Nick Bye should tell his so called colleagues to take a hike and then go independent. He deserves support, not a bunch of hangers-on sabotaging progress

Anonymous said...

Cruise ship passengers are landed at Haldon Peir and a long line of coaches takes them to Exeter, Plymouth, Buckfast Abbey, etc., NONE stay in Torbay.

Pat said...

Let Nick Bye join the unemployment queue so he gets a feel of how things are for many in the Bay.
It wasn't that long ago that he wanted to stand for Parliament but failed to get selected.
It would be great to see who else is available and willing to stand.