Friday, 17 December 2010

A Bit More from the Herald Express

This is what the Herald Express reporter who covered the council meeting the other night said about it.


The debate, predictably, soon slid into an outraged playground pantomime slanging match of who did what, when and why.

Thankfully chairman Matthew Phillips stopped the slapstick with a verbal slap on the wrist before my will to live finally expired.

It was just yet another wasted professional hour of my working life in covering full Torbay Council meetings.

Grow up boys and girls. The needs of the Bay have been too pressing for far too long for this to continue.


Just a reminder to the people of Torbay and something to think about in May next year. We are the people who voted these clowns into office. Lets not make the same mistake again.


HKguy said...

One of the wonderful pay-offs of democracy is the ability to elect someone to serve and represent your beliefs. An even better pay-back is to then remove those who did not do as you think they should and let them know in no uncertain terms why they lost your vote.
The only points I would like to make is that would there be anyone better to take the reigns of Torbay and steer it ahead? If so what would they do different with what is available?
I'm a Geordie but I still have an affinity with Torbay because it has so many happy memories, let's hope whoever is elected, they grab the bull by the horns and bring Torbay back to the fore, it is a wonderful place it just needs a bit of looking after.

David said...

The problem when you vote in an election, and I have voted in a couple of dozen is that I have never met the person I am voting for. I make my mind up on the basis of what I read about them and they are usually the person who wrote what I am reading in the first place.