Wednesday, 15 December 2010

New Tree

A new tree, a Hungarian Oak has been planted in Princess Gardens near the place where an 80 year old tree recently was cut down. It will take a few years to get anywhere near the size of the Holm Oak it's replacing. The Holm Oak had developed a large crack in it's trunk and had to go. Personally, while it is sad to see a tree cut down, I think the area does look better. The old tree was big and a bit overpowering for the position it was in. I shall watch the progress of the new tree with interest.

Something else that happened today was the announcement by TOR2, the bin and recycling company, that from now on there would only be two persons on each wagon instead of three. Now it doesn't take a genius to work out that it will take longer to collect both the rubbish and the recyclable stuff. While I haven't had any problems with collections, except last week when I forgot to put the rubbish out, I have noticed that there is a bit of a build up of traffic when the TOR2 wagons come along our road (lots of parked cars in a not exactly wide road). And what a nice time to tell one third of your work force that their services are no longer needed. Just before Christmas.


Anonymous said...

This was always TOR2's plan and this is how they May Gurney operate the system else where.

retrired driver Peter said...

I have noticed on my local council web site that there are not many jobs advertised. Fair enough I suppose -make two of the existing staff do three peoples work. But one job was advertised this week at £19,079,per annum. reducing to £17, 600 in March as a result of the Councils revaluation exercise. Most people expect a pay rise but it seems those we elected (if indeed we did) are out of step. wonder if senior officers will get a reduction or councillors forgo their expenses?